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Years of Experience

*We started in business in1979* 

The employees at Pelham Machine & Tool and Pelham Industrial Manufacturing have numerous years of experience in precision machine work and manufacturing of special handling equipment.

From large steel mill equipment and large pipe handling equipment to smaller specialty designed machines.

Our team can provide you with products and services you can count on.





We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service. We take a great deal of pride in providing quality products and machining services to the industrial community.

Here at Pelham we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and we firmly believe that you'll see the difference.

Equipment List

CNC Equipment

7" Gidding & Lewis Horizontal CNC Floor Bar, 28' Horizontal - 12' Vertical

Gidding & Lewis 25" Swing 72" Center

(2) LeBlond - CNC 34" Swing X 140" Center

Burgmaster CNC - Hole Drilling & Milling Machine - 94 12X36y, 12Z 2 ft. on column

SuperMax Max 8 Vertical Milling Center - 78" X 29" Y, 27 1/2" Z

Cincinnati CNC Mill - 50"X25"X17"

Hwacheon Lathe Swing 28X60

5” Gidding & Lewis CNC Horizontal Bar 120X72X72 


LeBlond 44" Swing 144" Center Threading & Hyd. Tracer

LeBlond Heavy Duty Lathe 31" Center Taper & Threading

LeBlond Heavy Duty Lathe 31" Swing 192" 

Lodge & Shipley 30" Swing 192" Center Threading

LeBlond 46" Swing 382" Center Taper & Threading

American 25" Swing 192" Threading

American 25" Swing 120" Center Threading

Clausing 14" 42" Center Threading Metric & Standard

Waner & Swasey, Turret #3A High Production Machine

Morley, Turret #2A

Sydney 21" Swing 28" Digital Read-outs

Hwacheon Lathe Swing 28X60



(5) Bridgeport Vertical

Lagun Vertical/Horizontal w/ Digital Read-out Capacity 20"X36"

Wells Index w/ Digital Read-out Capacity 22"X35"

Brown & Sharp #3 Surface Grinder Capacity 8'X36"

Rockford Horizontal Planer Mill 24"X24"X6'


30 Ft. Betts Vertical Boring Mill w/ Retractable Sides 8' Under Rail

144" Betts VBM, 10' Under Rail

96" King Vertical Boring Mill Swing 108'

62" King Vertical Boring Mill

G&L Machine Up To 22 Feet OD

Horizontal Bars


Gidding & Lewis Horizontal Floor Bar 7" Spindle 10'Vertical 45' Horizontal

(1) Gidding & Lewis Table Bar 7" Spindle 9" Vertical, 14' Horizontal w/ Digital Read-Out

Gidding & Lewis Horizontal Floor Bar 7" Spindle 9" Vertical 45’ Horizontal

Bullard Horizontal Bar #5 72"X72"X8' Long Bed

Gidding & Lewis Horizontal Floor Bar 7" Spindle 10' Vertical, 20' Horizontal w/ Digital Read-Out

4" Plauert Wetzel Table Bar 6" Vertical, 80"

Hwacheon Lathe 28 Swing X 60

5” Gidding & Lewis CNC Horizontal Bar 120X72X72


Crane Capacity


1-50 Ton Top Running Double Girder

1-35 Ton Top Running Double Girder

1-40 Ton Top Running Double Girder w/ (2) 20-Ton Hoist

2-20 Ton Top Running Double Girder

5-10 Ton Top Running Double Girder

4-5 Ton Top Running Double Girder

2-3 Ton Underhung Single Girder

Fabrication Lifting Capacity 75-Ton

Machine Lifting Capacity 60-Ton


Building Floor Space


1-6000 Sq. Ft. Building 24' High

1-9000 Sq. Ft. Building 18' High

1-5000 Sq. Ft. Building 28' High

1-4500 Sq. Ft. Building 40' High

New - 180X76 Building 40' High

New - 125'X127' Building 50' High

88,200 Sq. Ft. Fenced Storage

Fabrication Building Floor Space – Approx. 36,500 sq ft

Machine Building Floor Space – Approx. 31,500 sq ft

Warehouse Floor Space – 7,200 sq ft


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